Cecile Vendeuvre is from France and has joined the structural team to gain some hands-on experience in New Zealand.  She studied Engineering and Architecture.

What are you passionate about?
I love nature and I am very concerned about the environment.  My favourite hobby is gardening.  Each plant is different and I love seeing what it turns into but you can’t give up on them or they would die.

What factors contributed to you wanting to become an engineer?
I decided to become an engineer to hopefully be part of the solution, namely, offering sustainable designs that have minimal impact on the environment.

What type of structural projects (or civil) are you interested in?
I am interested in working on smart and sustainable projects for example; timber construction which has low carbon and is practicable.

What attracted you to working with us?
I was told by a previous employee that Lautrec is a good office and a nice team be part of. I believe that as a Company they are working towards creating a sustainable future for Auckland.

Who inspires you?
I love the point of view of architect Peter Zumthor. He studied horology (the study and measurement of time) and has the same approach to designing a building; it has to be functional and beautiful, all the details are simple and efficient.  It is not structural against architecture, it is united.