At Lautrec, our vision is to build a strong, sustainable international engineering and management consultancy that is a leader in innovative professional solutions.  We aim to apply our knowledge and skills to create a better, fairer and more sustainable planet, both individually and collectively.

As an organisation, we are committed to supporting local community and humanitarian causes like Oxfam and including:

Special Childrens Christmas 2022

RNZY’S Performance Programme

Bikes for Tykes and Time to Thrive

As part of our annual planning day, we decided to build three bikes for Time to Thrive and Mr T.  The aim of the organisation is to try and get kids active.  Mr T offers bicycles to those that are unable to afford one and teaches them bike skills.


Lautrec has a long-standing history with the University of Canterbury Engineering Society.  It is our way of supporting the engineers of the future.

North Harbour Hockey

Supporting the Blacksticks of the future and keeping them hydrated.

Oki 24 hour race

Teams of two compete non-stop for 24 hours on Lake Pupuke.  Lautrec has sponsored a boat for a number of years and in 2017 we won.  The next race is scheduled for 3-4 March.