Blazenka Rose joins our Auckland office as a senior structural engineer.  She loves the NZ lifestyle, beaches, hiking, nature, outdoor living and BBQ’s.  Her two sons are at University and are pretty much independent allowing her to focus on her career.

What factors contributed to you becoming an engineer?

I always loved maths and physics and wanted to be a scientist. But, my dad used to do building works and as teenagers, we were asked to help him. My brothers weren’t keen but I loved working with dad, making mortar and pushing it in a cart. So, when I finished high school and because of some family reasons couldn’t go to another city to study science, I decided to become an engineer. You guessed it, my dad was delighted.

What type of structural projects (or civil) are you interested in?

It is not just a type of project that makes overall satisfaction with the work I do. It is the whole process. At the end of the day,  it is very important work we do, socially, environmentally and humanly. Making sure that we provide the best solution in terms of innovative design, buildability and cost-effectiveness create the sense of well being for everyone involved in the process.

What attracted you to working with us?

I was attracted with the way how is the company structured. There are many procedures in place which can make work more straight forward and productive. I liked the community sense and felt that support is always available for all team members.

Is there a book or movie that has made an impact on your life?

I would say Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code, not so much as a book itself as the fact that I rediscover my love of reading after a quit few years of being mostly focused on purely adapting as a new immigrant.

I became a vivid reader and I contribute to that my better understanding of people and life itself and ultimately makes me more content and happy.

Who inspires you?

Seeing people doing what they like and living the life they love.