Seismic Assessment

It is important to know how buildings will perform during an earthquake and the risks associated with seismically compromised structures.

Lautrec has carried out hundreds of seismic assessments and reviews throughout New Zealand and is able to provide you with efficient and comprehensive reporting.

Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA)

An ISA (also known as an IEP) consists of a desktop review of any available plans and a site visit to your property to identify if it is potentially earthquake prone.  The seismic performance of your building is measured against the New Building Standard Scale (%NBS).  Earthquake prone buildings are defined as being less than 33%NBS. You may require an IEP if you are planning to purchase a property as part of your due diligence, or if requested by your mortgage provider.

Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA)

A DSA (also known as a DEE) may be requested when you need a more accurate assessment or the ISA has identified the building as earthquake prone (<33%NBS).  A DSA is a quantitative investigation comprising analysis and calculations to provide an accurate seismic report that can not only determine the overall rating of the building but can also identify particular areas of weaknesses that need to be addressed.