Updates to Operating Policies

Lautrec’s principal strategy in response to COVID-19 is to lower the risk of exposure by reducing the level of contact between individuals as much as possible.

Immediate actions consistent with this strategy are:

•            A ban on meeting face-to-face with anyone who has travelled internationally within the last two weeks or is otherwise unwell. We ask that any members of your team who have travelled, or are unwell, advise our staff well before any meeting and understand the need to avoid any unnecessary direct contact.

•             Restrictions on all domestic air travel, except for critical business requirements.

•             Deferring non-essential face-to-face meetings, and instead utilising Microsoft Teams video

                conference solutions (or any other online channels that our clients and partners prefer).

•             A ban on all international travel and a mandatory isolation period for those who have returned from overseas travel in the last two weeks.

•             A zero-tolerance approach to being in the office when unwell, irrespective of the nature or severity of the illness.

•             Upgrades to daily office hygiene protocols, including interaction with couriers/visitors etc.

•             A ban on social gatherings and large group activities.

We will be implementing partial work from home practices for some of our staff and we have the ability to all work remotely.

We can assure you that Lautrec is well placed to continue to deliver its full service and is fully staffed and ready to adapt to any changes in delivery necessary to assist you with your projects in this fast-changing environment.