People are complex beings and a diverse workforce gives rise to situations where you may not see eye to eye or moments of friction.  However, diversity of thought is necessary for a business to thrive and to overcome any potential difficulties that arise from that diversity, it’s important for us to be able to learn how to communicate effectively as a team and also with clients and other external team members on our projects.

Jacqueline McElhinney from Rapport Communications joined us for the day as part of our annual planning session.  She worked with us as a team and individually looking at our personalities and how this impacts our behaviours and interactions.  We were also given different tools for communicating with different personality types.  The team got a lot out of the session.

Key findings

  • The team is diverse across the personality types and that is a good thing.  You will often find some industries dominated by a particular personality type and this means that those that aren’t part of the dominant group can feel isolated or excluded.
  • Equal split between Extroverts and Introverts.  Meetings are now conducted in such a way to ensure everyone is able to participate fully.  E.g. Objectives of the meeting and relevant documents sent well in advance; Chair ensuring that everyone has had a chance to speak.
  • There are a lot of feelers within our Company which makes sense seeing as overall the workplace is harmonious. A predominance of Feeling is not typical in an Engineering Company. This makes Lautrec rather unique in its ability to create a warm and accepting environment within the workplace, and also gives you the advantage of a naturally relational approach to business and clients.
  • There are a large number of ‘doers’ within the Company to ensure that we get things done but enough ‘visionaries’ to propel the Company to different heights and identify new opportunities.

Finding out your personality type and how you interact with individuals is one thing; but it is important for each of us to feel comfortable, safe and have an environment where we feel like we can bring our whole self to work.  This all helps in building tolerance and a greater understanding for others.

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