Greg Chesson is the latest member to join the structural team at our Auckland office.  We did a brief interview with him.

Tell me about yourself!
I’m an American expat who came across New Zealand during my travels and found the quality of life here simply too good to pass up.  I, along with my partner and two dogs, moved here in 2017 – spending two years in Christchurch and just recently relocating to Auckland. We love the vibrant city scene as well as unwinding at any of the countless beaches. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, reading, cooking, and keeping active through biking or sports.

What factors contributed to you becoming an engineer?
As a student, I was adept in math and science and growing up I loved to build things. My Uni was known to have a leading engineering program, so everything seemed to come together.
What type of structural projects (or civil) are you interested in?
I take great pride in all projects I am involved with. Regardless if it is a small upfit, a seismic strengthening, a new university building, or a power generating facility, each project is unique and challenging in its own right and I am gratified in that all the work I do has some benefit to society.

What attracted you to working with us?
I found Juliet and Kevin’s leadership style and attitudes on innovation and continual improvement particularly inspiring. No less important is the culture of inclusion and collaboration. The team at Lautrec is incredibly diverse, and in spite of their differences I have found the group here more effective and welcoming than anywhere else I have worked.

Who inspires you?
Admittedly I am a bit biased, but I find the work of the American Founding Fathers particularly inspirational. With failure resulting in certain death, they rallied an inexperienced and amateur army of farmers, merchants, and other ordinary citizens to defeat a vastly superior force for the chance to self-govern. I believe true leadership is not about being the most vocal or always making the “right” decision. It is bringing out the best in those around you, so together you can overcome much greater obstacles.