Fraser Avenue Apartments is a five-block three storey development in Northcote which Lautrec carried out the structural design. This project has been rated HomeStar6 by the NZ Green Building Council, reflecting the design and construction features inherent in the way NZ Living approaches its developments.  A 6 Homestar rating or higher provides assurance that a house/development will be better quality – a warmer, drier, healthier place which will cost less to run and improve the life quality for the owner.

The methods implemented by NZLiving are not just about cutting the carbon emissions during the construction lifecycle but ensure efficiencies and benefits  throughout the building’s lifetime.  This includes:

  • The use of prefabricated components reducing waste and construction time.
  • The use of solid construction materials (concrete slabs, reinforced blocks to all inter-tenancy and external walls) all the way to the roof.  External cladding is either brick or aluminium on ventilated cavity requiring a minimum of maintenance for many years.
  • Thermal insulation, double glazing, shading to main windows with balconies and natural ventilation provide a home with low energy requirements.  An efficient slimline electric wall panel heater provides additional warmth if needed during winter.
  • Materials are sourced from local providers wherever practical to minimise traffic congestion and cost and construction waste is recycled under a controlled plan.

Once finished, the apartments will have low running costs with LED lighting throughout, no lifts or mechanical plant to common areas.  A 20 year long term maintenance plan shows that ownership maintenance costs are minor.  This is both good for the owners and good for the planet.  Go to for more information about the apartments and how to purchase them.