Anu has (re)joined the civil team in Auckland after gathering nine months experience working at a civil engineering firm. She has over eight years’ experience working on infrastructure development type projects and has a lot of onsite experience and a background in Geotech. She is married and has two boys; Methum (6) and Xithum (2). We did a brief interview with her.

What factors contributed to you becoming an engineer?
I loved maths! My intermediate teacher (year 9 and 10) in Sri Lanka was a big influence. She thought a career in engineering would be a good option for me.

What type of civil projects are you interested in?
No specific type but I enjoy projects that have a lot of different tasks and design components.

Why did you decide to return to Lautrec?
I missed the work culture and the friendly atmosphere. However, flexible working conditions was the deciding factor. Being able to balance my work and family commitments in such a way that allows a bit of time for myself means I’m able to give more to all areas.

Any plans for Christmas?
Camping with friends and family.