Two events took place on the 2nd July 2021.  It was first the day where Matariki  appeared in New Zealand’s sky which marked the beginning of the Māori new year and the second event was our annual planning day.  This was no coincidence.

We used the day as a time to reflect on the last 12 months and plan for the next year.  The theme for this year was ‘A time to thrive’.  Last year threw some curve balls (hello COVID) but we used it to regroup and focus on what is important. This was then turned into various opportunities.  We looked at where the business is going and ways to further add value to our clients.  We also delved into what Wellbeing means for us individually and as a team to ensure we are all equipped to look after ourselves and each other in a challenging environment.

The second part of the day was spent sharing food together and also getting a presentation at the Stardome Observatory about the stars of Matariki (ngā whetū o Matariki).  We are a diverse team with many of us coming from all around the world as well as some born in New Zealand.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience learning how to find it in the sky and the pūrākau about Matariki.