As January 2019 comes to an end, we reflect back on 2018. It was a busy year, one where we grew as an organisation and focussed on staying united as a team and getting our house in order.

For Lautrec Technology Group, 2018 was a year of:
– Evaluating the business’s QA processes and working towards ISO 9001 Certification which we achieved in December.
– Joined the Diversity agenda, which aims to get 20% more women into engineering and architecture by 2021. As an organisation that already experiences the benefits of a balanced workforce, supporting this strategy is a no brainer.
– New staff members (nine in total) and two babies (Alice and Ashley) joining the team.
– Focusing on self-care and staff wellbeing. We provide the EAP services which give staff access to counselling sessions and other support services. Lautrec Social Club, an initiative created and led by the staff as a way to interact outside of work.
– Developing our graduate programme. Lautrec has been approved as a Professional Development Partner (PDP) by Engineering NZ which means we’ve been acknowledged as a Company that invests in developing their engineering staff.
– Working with existing and new clients alike to complete their projects.

Thank you to all those that we have worked with to make some of these achievements possible. We are looking forward to another year!