Our people

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Our People

At Lautrec, our highly dedicated team of professionals both in Auckland and Christchurch is committed to providing a first class service for all our clients.

Our diverse team can speak:

English, Mandarin, Russian, Indonesian and Javanese, Malay,  Farsi (Persian), French, Fijian Hindi, Filipino, Tamil, Sinhala, Spanish and Thai.


Juliet Hyatt-Brown

Director Finance, Legal & Human Resources

Kevin Brown

Managing Director

Technical Team

Email: ahseng@lautrec.co.nz

Ah Seng Chew

Senior Structural Engineer
Email: amy@lautrec.co.nz

Amy Sumalbag

Revit/CAD Technician
Anu Gunathunga Civil Engineer
Email: anu@lautrec.co.nz

Anu Gunathunga

Civil Engineer
Blazenka Rose senior structural engineer at lautrec
Email: blazenka@lautrec.co.nz

Blazenka Rose

Senior Structural Engineer
Cecile Vendeuvre student engineer at Lautrec
Email: cecile@lautrec.co.nz

Cecile Vendeuvre

Graduate Engineer
Email: cheryl@lautrec.co.nz

Cheryl Frederick

Structural Engineer
Email: ernest@lautrec.co.nz

Ernest Wong

Graduate Engineer
Email: glenn@lautrec.co.nz

Glenn Mallari

CAD Coordinator
Greg Chesson member of structural team at Lautrec
Email: greg@lautrec.co.nz

Greg Chesson

Senior Structural Engineer
Email: jie@lautrec.co.nz

Jie Wang

Senior Structural Engineer
Email: kimi@lautrec.co.nz

Kimi Sheng

Structural Engineer
Email: krishneel@lautrec.co.nz

Krishneel Mishra

Engineering Technician
Email: leon@lautrec.co.nz

Leon Yang

Graduate Engineer
Email: rex@lautrec.co.nz

Rex Rewcastle

Civil Engineer
Roddy graduate structural engineer at Lautrec
Email: roddy@lautrec.co.nz

Roddy Lockhart

Graduate Engineer
Ropru Rangsivek Civil Engineer
Email: ropru@lautrec.co.nz

Ropru Rangsivek

Civil Engineer
Email: sana@lautrec.co.nz

Sana Amirthalingam

Structural Engineer
Email: sathi@lautrec.co.nz

Sathiyasuthan Balakrishnan

Structural Engineer
Email: tony@lautrec.co.nz

Tony Xu

Engineering Technician
Email: virali@lautrec.co.nz

Virali Patel

Revit/CAD Technician
Email: yenny@lautrec.co.nz

Yenny Wibowo

Structural Engineer

Support Team

Email: projectadmin@lautrec.co.nz  

Aimee Walker

Communications and Engagement Manager
Email: info@lautrec.co.nz

Ella Hyatt-Brown

Office Administration
Email: admin@lautrec.co.nz

Kirsty Thomas

Email: office@lautrec.co.nz

Ruby Wong-Kam

Reception and Office Administration